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MotoSoft Operating Systems wishes you a Safe and Happy Diwali! We have exclusive offers for you (100% Off, etc...) for this Diwali.

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MotoSoft Operating Systems

Welcome to MotoSoft Operating Systems! We create Operating Systems, Softwares, Web Services and a lot more. We also teach COmputer Programming (MotoSoft Computer Education) Take a look at our website in Sanskrit Version.

About Us

We create Operating Systems, Softwares, Web Services, etc...
We also teach Computer Programming for free with Certificates.
We have our own social media where we will update our services
We have our own Software Store, called MStore
And lot more...
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MSocial is a Social Media where users can create account for free and earn for their activeness in the network.



MStore is a Software store where publishers can publish their apps/softwares/websites and users can download/buy them. Moreover, MStore has many features for Publishers, and Apps are Verified/Tested perfectly before Publishing.


MotoSoft Computer Education

MotoSoft Computer Education is website where people who (are intrested/wanted) to learn coding and program professional applications, websites, etc... It is completely free with certificates for no cost.

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